• The Van Wingerden Legacy

    We are excited to share the Van Wingerden legacy here in Priest River! Our great grandparents operated greenhouses in the Netherlands over a hundred years ago. Our grandparents brought their green thumbs to the U.S. and we carry on the family business. There are Van Wingerden greenhouses across the U.S. including majors growers in Washington, Idaho, Ohio, New Jersery, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and South Carolina.

  • Levi Van Wingerden

    Born and raised in Northwest Washington, Levi worked for 3 of the family greenhouses. For the last 3 years before moving to Priest River, he managed the Young Plant Program at Van Wingerden Greenhouses.

  • Logan Van Wingerden

    A local from Spirit Lake, Logan grew up working in his dad's greenhouse growing baskets for fundraisers. He continues that program with his family today.

  • Luke Van Wingerden

    A twin with Levi, Luke also grew up in northwest Washington. He worked at Pacific Growers since the age of 14. During the busy season, he helped manage the shipping department. In the off season, he built new greenhouses to expand operations. Luke also graduated from Central Washington University with his Bachelors in Business Administration.